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Nov27-09, 06:11 PM
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Thanks for the advice; especially about the RAS.

Last year I did a project indirectly looking for high redshift quasars; My supervisor had already identified candidate objects from the SDSS, and observed them to an R band magnitude ~25. I reduced and photometrized the images (using IRAF), and eliminated the SDSS candidates that had a corresponding optical source (The redshifted Lyman limit for z~6.5 is far longer than optical wavelengths). I also did some work with the oxford group working on the design for the square kilometre array. It was all pretty interesting and I learnt alot; but I would be interested in trying different things too; either in at a different wavelength, or theoretical work. I've really enjoyed all my astro/cosmology course, so I really wouldn't be fussy about any opportunity.