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Dec2-09, 09:14 AM
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Masters degree with no experience

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I am set to graduate next fall with no issues. I really (really really) want to get a masters in furthur EE courses but have heard of people having problems finding a job with too much academia and not enought experience.
I haven't really *seen* this happen. I don't think this is much of a concern for masters degrees since I can't really think of a situation in which a EE Masters will leave you worse off.

I was also thinking that if this is a problem I wouldn't mind taking a pay cut or even void my masters from my resume for the sake of getting a job. Then when I go to find a new job I could say I have experience and masters.
This won't work since you'll have a huge unexplained gap in your resume. It's also pretty unnecessary, since a EE masters will qualify you for a whole bunch of jobs that you wouldn't otherwise be eligible for. One of the first things that a hiring manager will do when they get a stack of resumes is to cut out the people that don't have the minimum educational requirements for a job, and there are tons of jobs out there in which a masters is a minimum requirement.

Where I work some sort of masters degree is the bare minimum requirement for even getting your resume looked at.