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Jan30-10, 12:52 PM
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Introduction to Modern Cosmology - Liddle - This is a brilliant introduction. If you've never come across cosmology and are ~ 3rd year undergraduate then this is the perfect starting point in my opinion.

Cosmological Physics - Peacock - This is a very good book on cosmology. Perhaps a tad more dated than Liddle's book but covers all the important things in a very good way. Has introductory chapters on GR, QM and Field Theory that really serve as quick refreshers of some of the basics.

Cosmology - Weinberg - Very nicely written with most things you could want but not the starting place for anyone new to the subject in my opinion.

Cosmology - Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure - Coles and Lucchin - This is another nice cosmology book emphasising the structure formation aspects of cosmology.

As mentioned above Dodelson's book is a very nice book too.

You can look at the table of contents and other reviews for most books. Hopefully this should give a reasonable starting point :).