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Jan30-10, 06:36 PM
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This is impossible
To prove that any mathematical theory is self-consistent, you always need to use more powerful/more complicated theory.
So the whole mathematics is based on the pure belief.
Thanks Dmitry67, I realize this now and that we already know that the universe is fully consistent, otherwise lot of weird stuff would happen to us... and the math describing this must therefore be fully consistent.
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... An inconsistency is an impossibility. ...
Thanks a lot for the explanation. I think I see the light now...

We already know that the universe is fully consistent, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, right? Or we would be here, but a lot of people would get killed on the 'inconsistent highway' everyday – by Boltzmann Brains popping out of nowhere and smashing into their windshields...

So, if we can find a mathematical structure that describes this fully consistent universe, it is okay. And then we would know that the universe is isomorphic to that mathematical structure.