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I personally find this whole area very exciting.
Me too!

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For example, the spin networks used in loop quantum gravity can be greatly generalized and potentially even realized in condensed matter systems called string net states. Furthermore, there are some exciting hints relating the way one computes black hole entropy in loop quantum gravity and entanglement entropy in the tensor network approach. There are also connections between the tensor network approach and AdS/CFT as Wen notes at the end of his slides.
I wasn't aware of the link between string nets and spin networks until Buerschaper et al (string net -> tensor network) and Singh et al (tensor network -> spin network). Is there a more direct connection?

Also, what is the relationship between AdS/CFT and tensor networks? I remember reading a Horowitz and Polchinksi review that said AdS/CFT is an example of emergent gauge theory, which cited D'Adda 1978 - whom Levin and Wen also cite, so was a little aware that AdS/CFT and string nets had a common descent - but haven't any understanding beyond that.

Edit: Wow, I just saw you actually work on this stuff, unlike people like me who just read about it - very cool!