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Apr14-10, 04:24 PM
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Thanks for the reply! And yes I think you're right, it is probably 1/2 V. So then the differential equation would look like: Vc(t) + VL(t) + Vo(t) = 1/2 .
Vo(t) = Ri(t)
VL(t) = Ldi(t)/dt
Vc(t) = 1/C integral from -infinity to t of i(a)da
So if I plug these into the equation and take the derivative, would I get:
1/C*i(t) + Ld^2i(t)/dt^t + Rdi(t)/dt = 0? So the 1/2 would just be irrelevant?

So for these C, L, and R variables, would I just substitute these for the numbers given in the problem? Say C = 1/2, L= 1/4, and R = 1?

PS: Is there a program/website I can use to make these equations look nicer? I'm sure what I'm typing must be hard to read lol.