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Apr20-10, 12:10 AM
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No seriously, I always enjoyed playing terran. Siege tanks were awesome. On the other hand, protoss had dark templars, which potentially wreak havoc on your supply chain (and everything else...) if you're terran.
That's fairly superficial, though -- there are lots of easy ways to make serious mistakes that are devastating if your opponent capitalizes on it.

Dark templar aren't special in that regard -- they just happen to strike at one of the more common mistakes (inadequate detection) and have a sort of 'coolness' factor. They gain a bit of undeserved notoriety because losing because you couldn't defend against dark templar doesn't offer any false hope; a pair of high templar clearing out your supply chain* is just as much of a loss, but if you don't really understand the economics, you will suffer the illusion that you are still in the game.

*: Assuming, of course, you aren't granted comparable compensation -- e.g. your let opponent psi storm your SCV's because you were focused on (successfully) wiping out his probes with a vulture blitz or have a lethal push walking over an opponent's base