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May9-10, 12:55 PM
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Once again I am NOT trying to detect or explain gravity "WAVES". And yes, todays absolute gravimeters have the sensitivities necessary for this experiment to proceed.

By the way, these gravity waves are still only a theory, yet so many people have described their properties, how they behave, and arguing whether they're being monopolar or quadrupolar, and on and on.

Hey, how about lets discover their existence first and then carefully observe and document their characteristics.

The same thing for the BIG Bang theory.
Nothing to date has proved the theory is viable that hasn't been shown by other theories that have verifiable evidence based on positional observation data.

Imagine if you will, being on a merry-go-round, that is located on the periphery of a much larger merry-go-round, which is located on a still much larger merry-go-round. Now try from your point of observation, to determine the speeds of motion, direction, and positional relationships of an object that is very far removed from all of these merry-go-rounds.
It is possible, but the possibility of error from so many unknowns, prohibits a conclusive determination of characteristics of the observed element.

Has it been determined yet where the center of rotation of our solar system is, or if it is revolving around some other much larger system?

If the current gravity data is examined carefully it can readily be seen that there is not a steady gravitational field, but a continuous moment by moment changing field. These changes haven't been adequately explained yet, but they are there to be examined.

Some amateur researchers have proposed that this changing field is the instantaneous response of overhead gravity influences from distant celestial bodies and systems. Maybe, but nevertheless they are readable, and open for interpretation.