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M. Amin
May25-10, 11:47 AM
P: 7
Thank you so much guys. I actually tried OpenOffice and I don't think it suits me at all though.. but I will try other programs that you suggested.
I'm not actually using MATLAB yet, but I know I'm gonna need it soon that's why I asked.

@diazona I'm not expecting free MATLAB on Linux no I just meant if there are other software that's similar to it that is free.
Frankly I couldn't deal with OO, MS Word is much faster for me, I think I might try that WINE thing, and LaTeX too.
Thank you so much for your help

@waht, zunzun, Hurkyl Thanks a lot for the info, I might actually use those programs. I appreciate your help.

@shoehorn Actually Windows has so many problems, it's unstable and lags all the time, at least with me.. Ubuntu has several advantages, I also like the idea of "open source" you know. I'm still thinking though.