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Jul29-10, 10:12 PM
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I am a physics junkie. I have recently been looking into parallel universe theories, and find them intriguing. While the science behind the multiverse theory is sound, I believe that parallel universe theories as proposed can be expounded upon to give a more plausible model. This requires us to look at 2 seemingly disassociated studies.
First let’s look at multiverse theories.
Multiverse theories arose from a need to further explain universe expansion. The big bang model leaves a lot of questions regarding expansion unanswered. Although it seems to fit the general idea of our expanding universe, the regularity of expansion does not fit with a nothing to everything event
It is now commonly accepted that we exist in a multiverse of parallel universes rather than a singular universe. The beginning of our universe and the subsequent expansion are believed to be the result of a collision between two universes. The energy release by the impact invaded both universes and then expanded rapidly. This is equally plausible as the big bang, with the added characteristic that the energy released in this manner is more likely to be ordered. When looked at closely this theory really indicates that the beginning of our universe as we know it was likely based on an interface with another universe, but the idea that these universes need to be parallel is a leap with many questions unanswered. There is nothing to substantiate that the universes even need to be on the same scale. (We will get back to this in a minute)
Second let’s look at black holes.
When Steven Hawking first stated that black holes did not follow the laws of conservation of information a debate began which changed or view of singularities, and yes, even our universe. We now accept the model that all energy/matter that enters a black hole is both trapped on the event horizon, and disintegrated and compressed as it passes the horizon. ( Could it possibly undergo”expansion” beyond the horizon.)These are considered two different “versions” or expressions of the same energy/matter. This model of different versions of all energy/matter has been applied to our universe also.
Let’s consolidate.
• There are 2 known types of singularities. Black holes and our pre-time universe.
• The laws of physics seem to break down in both types. However they seem to follow the same laws which we still do not fully understand.
• In both cases the reason for the laws breaking down is because we have no way to quantify the existence of energy/matter because of its infinite density.
I propose that the 2 types of singularity are actually one in the same, just viewed form opposite sides. This would mean that we are not part of a system of parallel universes; we are part of a nested system. Our universe at one time existed as a black hole in a superior universe. Then at some point it stored enough energy that it underwent an expansion event. This fits the data just as well as the parallel universe theory, but unlike the parallel universe theory we have ongoing events within our universe which we can observe, and so know to exist. We have just not recognized until now that black holes are other universes. The evidence is right there in front of us. We only need to collate it to see that it is the best explanation for the beginning of our universe. It is supported by all the studies that indicate our beginning was an interactive event with another universe. It explains expansion. It explains black holes. I hope someone reads this that has the resources to start an investigation, I do not. Please if this makes sense to you help me get the attention of someone who can look into it more closely.

Charlie Norris (grey_lightning)
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