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Aug9-10, 03:47 PM
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One night I couldn't sleep so I'm sitting there trying for hours and slowly drifting in and out, it was horrible. Anyway, by the morning I was really tired and dozing off wasn't a problem any more, but I was awoken at one point after a few hours sleep. After being awake for maybe 10 minutes, my lefteye just gave up in a sense.

I had a big blind spot right in the middle of my view, so anything I tried to focus on I couldn't. I was pretty worried thinking I went blind all of a sudden, so I was rubbing it a lot, trying anything to desperately get rid of the blind spot. I also couldn't watch a movie because of it and then things seemed blue and fuzzy on the outside of my vision, so I went back to bed to rest again since I was so tired and pretty scared by that point.

After maybe 30 mins of resting I opened my eyes again and everything was back to normal. Some suggestions to what caused it were that I was too tired, and jokingly by one, that I have a brain tumour

What do you think might've caused this? And should I maybe check up on my eye/brain? By the way, my family has no history that I know of with brain tumours, eye problems, or anything like that.
Yes, I would start with an opthomologist. Do you have one that you've seen in the past? If not, maybe talk to your regular GP doctor, and ask for a referral. That is not something to be taken lightly (hopefully it is nothing serious). Please make the appointment soon. How long ago did this happen?

And do not rub your eyeball to try to clear up a problem. If it had been a detached retina, that is the last thing you should be doing.