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Aug13-04, 04:39 PM
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Do you have the other parameters inside normal limits? Is the level of triglycerides normal? Are Apo-A and Apo-B levels normal?
Did you have any gut problem?
Do your parents and brothers / sisters similar levels of LDL-cholesterol?
I think that these questions can aid to understand better your low level of bad-cholesterol.
I will tell you what other things I don't have in normal values...I don't know exactly what they are but I know that they all are related with anemia. My father, my sister, my cousins my nephews and myself have always been anemic.

I searched in internet causes of low cholesterol and I found that people with thallasemia (a kind of anemia) usually have low cholesterol and in fact my father once was examined because his doctor thought he can have thalasemia but it turn out to be negative. My sister once also had an extremely low level of LDL.

Well these are the values:

RDW-High...I think this is related with the normal values for the size of red
cells. My father and I have the red cell "deformed"...well at least
that said a doctor when I was still a baby and I spend a lot of
time in the hospital with a condition that they never found what
was... they even check me for Leukemia...but they did a
lot of tests and that was one of the things that they found.