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Aug28-10, 07:49 AM
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I love watching documentaries on that which utilizes physics principles and since I lost my job, I have pondered the idea of going to get a second degree. A part of me thinks how great it would be to go into a physics type degree, but I know that means the highest level math would be required. I did pretty well in the lower level math classes, but didn't get into the more cerebral types and I must admit that I find the posibility of being in such a class quite daunting. When I watch documentaries, they often have very advanced equations writen down, and to me, I don't see how I could ever wrap my mind around it. Now, I know that they [the physicists] have many years of "gradually increasing difficulty" math in their past as they attained their knowledge, . . . but I have to wonder if some people's minds are predisposed to being good at math where others would never be able to "get it".

Having said that, . . . I am open to the possibility that a physics degree would be difficult to transfer to a good paying job, so the second part of this thread has to do with. . . "what would I do WITH a physics type degree"?

I appreciate your input.
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