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Sep9-10, 02:21 PM
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These last couple weeks have been awful. I thought I had two different head colds or some kind of sinus problem. I live and work above 9500 ft in the middle of Colorado. If it's allergies, and I think it probably is, it must be local or coming from the west, for me. Last summer, the forest fires in Cali were wreaking havoc. Growing up in NE Ohio, morning ragweed was the worst.

I too did the allergy shots as a kid. 2/week, then 1, then every other week, then monthly. The got progressively stronger. At one point I was getting sick all day because of the shot. I decided to discontinue them. A few years later, my little brother got tested with just as many allergies as I. The same exact clinic told us that they no longer performed allergy shots. I wonder why.