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Sep25-10, 09:56 AM
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So here's the wiki page on wormholes.

Now, it describes two wormholes, one which may possibly be present by a black holes:

But these cannot be traversed as it explains and as such, I don't understand how particles as the article puts it are able to 'cross between the two universes'.

This uses negative energy, enough said.

Now, you keep pointing us to the wikis and to read them, and I have done. I have also done some digging and following links provided in the wikipedia article (the articles I believe you are reading) I found this (

As the type of wormhole you are referring to is the above Schwarzschild wormhole, everything I have read so far is very clear in what it is saying regarding their existence - they only exist under the 'perfect' conditions of the equations. "when a realistic star collapses to form a black hole, it does not produce a wormhole.". So unless you can cite sources which show these wormholes can exist when a star collapses, this is overly speculative and against PF guidelines. It is pointless us discussing this if it just isn't possible and so far, nothing has shown it is.
Yes, good work...wormholes are in the peer literature, so we can discuss
them. The GR model (guess it's not quantum mechanical) has them doing
such-and-such in GR metrics. QM is bound to be a better framework, but
pretty speculative...lets never mention them again...and lets never mention
quantum gravity either...and the strong force, what's that all about? Don't
mention it. And fringe physics and all the nuts in the basement doing it.
And alpha...who cares if it's changing. etc., etc. Can you add to the list
any more forbidden topics? I don't even like wormholes...I am much more
interested in a BH evaporating before matter can ever fall into it. Are
you going to forbid this too? Seriously, if a concept is only on somebody's
personal webpage, I rather not have it jammed down my throat either.