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Sep25-10, 10:46 AM
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...let's forget wormholes were ever brought into this particular topic of "What's inside the event horizon?".
Agreed, but I might forget every now and then.
And let's not mention Schroedinger's Cat either;
half the time when I open the box it's stiff as a
board. What is it that you said about metaphores
and riddles?

Consider this...a way to transport yourself into an infinitely
distant future, is to hover over the event horizon until the
BH finishes evaporating. Imagine all the cool stuff that would
just be lying around, free for the taking. And it should only
take a couple of minutes.

Somebody just hit on my *Wormholes?* thread...and my
dyslexia started acting up...need to take a Tum; or is it
dyspepsia...doesn't matter.