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Sep25-10, 12:06 PM
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Remember, weightless, free-falling into a non-rotating BH, with Hawking
radiation of very low intensity inside the rocket ship. Infinity is much bigger
than 300; they must have only been stuck for a picosecond. This destruction
you speak of is only wishful thinking; plenty of sources disagree with
this. Anyway, what's immediate mean when you are approaching the
horizon? The important thing is what Alice(A) sees, not what Bob(B)
sees. Bob sees Alice wink out, that doesn't mean that Alice has past.
IE, Alice's past does not include the evaporation of the BH. And it's
the Carl Sagan movie 'Contact', not the kids show 'Andromeda'.
If the ship were actually in the event horizon, the electromagnetic force would no longer be able to keep the ship's atoms together, so it would actually have been pulled apart. The only thing that rescues this scenario is the idea that it would have been just above the event horizon, not within it. But even then, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn't work numerically because the ship was just too big.