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Aug23-04, 02:33 PM
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Well, they already freely occur, don't they?.

- Warren
No. Case in point - Your recent closing of a thread in Special & General Relativity is a perfect example of why I wanted a new forum. I.e. so you wouldn't complain or close threads on topics I like/want to discuss.

In this and many other forums I keep seeing people say that E = mc[sup]2[sup] is an identity and not an equality. I've never gotten down to the root of why they think that. So I started a new thread to ask them. That thread is E = mc^2: Identity or equality at

I was not doing anything in that post by trying to see why people consider E=mc2 as an identity rather than an equality. You claimed it was spamming and you then summarily closed it. That is not spamming. That is asking a question. I simply don't understand why people do that and I've never asked them before and I've never seen anyone provide a proof or anything of the sort. In fact I've never done this anywhere on the internet since I've been posting.

So there you are - You refuse to allow certain topics to be discussed if they come up often. And that is why I want a new forum. Hasn't it ever occured to you that some people are interested in a particular subject and enjoy discussing that one topic? Is that beyond your imagination? I think not.