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Nov10-10, 05:13 AM
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Hey all,

I'm currently on my way to becoming an EE, I'm in my 2nd year and am in electromagnetism right now. I'm struggling with it a lot. I was wondering if anyone that has actually gotten their EE degree can give me some insight into their own path and if they struggled or not? With regards to my physics, the instructor is a genius but doesn't know how to relate to people and doesn't teach the material at all what I would consider a good level. The majority of people in my class are equally lost as I am but I don't have access to another instructor. It's really demoralizing to have sort of reached a barrier in my education, everything previously has been super easy, I've taken all the calculus, DFQ, C++, couple semesters of chemistry, but this physics roadblock is kicking me in the head. Any insight at all would be appreciated.
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