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Sep6-04, 05:38 PM
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Did you guide your moon shot?
Nope. Since it was a regular shutter speed exposure and because the moon is so bright there was no need to guide it.

Be aware though, if you're using the afocal technique with manual focus on your digicam, it's somewhat difficult to get good focus if you're looking at the LCD display. So unless your camera has live video-out where you can connect it to a TV (so you can get a clearer picture of what you’re trying to take a picture of) and adjust your focus that way, or unless your camera's viewfinder displays what’s going through the aperture, it might be tricky to manually focus...and sometimes the auto focus is unreliable.


One more thing about digital cameras and astrophotography... Typically digicams either automatically set the shutter speed according to lighting conditions or give you a very limited amount of options. My camera only allows a maximum exposure time of 2 seconds.