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Dec29-10, 02:57 PM
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I presume you are just selectively quoting and in fact read all the way to the end.
No, I just went through this popularization paper until I found the cautious statement that I was thinking enough to rebut your concerns. Obviously I should have finish the reading, as the end just contredicts the cautious statement I had refered to.

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Mirror neurons were hyped because they fitted in with Dawkin/Blackmore's memetics, the Theory of Mind module, and other fellow-travellers of the late 1990s evopsych bandwagon.
Now I understand how you came to this opinion. I won't defend Ramanchandran's view here, and can understand the upset part. I will just make you notice that it is the view of a single one, published in a pop science journal so that a certain amount of bullgarbageing is to be expected, and, more importantly, that's certainly not the view that led many scientists to be interested in mirror neurons.

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there is already ample evidence to support a Vygotskean approach.
For the human specificity, or for self-awarness as we were discussing earlier? You may state that idea for an understanding of the human specificity, but if you want to explain self-awarness using Vygotskean approach, you'll have to pretend that self-awarness is specific to humans. It was maybe possible to think that at Vygotsky time, but not now. That's why I said earlier that all Vygostkean's views regarding self-awarness are simply outdated. Of course, if there is a hidden jewel that can escape this critic, I'll be glad to hear it. But no, I won't trust your word up to consider my homework is to search for something that has all reasons not to exit in the first place.