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Dec31-10, 04:36 PM
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Just picked up a just released copy of: "The Tell-Tale Brain", by... guess who, V.S Ramachandran of course, and he addresses the subject of Mirror Neuron's in his own unique way.

From the link:
Take mirror neurons, nerve cells that are activated when we perform an action or when we observe someone else performing an action. These neurons appear to help animals and humans imitate the behaviors they observe. Ramachandran theorizes that this sophisticated system of mirror neurons not only evolved to create awareness of others but also brought about self-awareness in humans. He fittingly dubbed these neurons “empathy neurons.” Based on this theory, he suggests that Cotard syndrome may result from damage to mirror neuron circuits, causing a person to lose that self-awareness.

Such bold leaps may make some scientists uneasy, but they are also what make Ramachandran so provocative and his book such an entertaining read.
Let's see what other provocative things he has to say, I will read the book, but may jump around and summarize the mirror neuron parts if what he has to say tweaks my interest. Stay tuned, and Happy New Year...