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Jan20-11, 04:54 PM
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I am currently a sophomore engineering major thinking of switching to a math major. Math is my favorite subject, and I would like nothing more than to switch majors. However, I am a hesitant to switch because of the nature of most math careers that I know of. It seems like most math majors end up spending most of their time writing algorithms or programming on computers. I was born with carpal tunnel syndrome, so I am very worried that switching to a math major would put me on a dead end track to a painful career. I am willing to put up with it a little bit to do something I love, but anything requiring beyond 3-4 hours a day of computer work would probably be too much. Can anyone make any suggestions to careers in mathematics that would not require too much computer work besides being a professor (I wish I was smart enough to do that!). Thanks for the help.
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