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Dream Relics
Jan29-11, 12:17 AM
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Greetings. This is a very interesting thread. I came across it trying to find info about how to treat digestion problems and low stomach acid. I wish that I was better versed in chemistry and I can not speak at all to the debate about the chemistry of stomach ph and vinegar. However, I can offer this bit of information based on my own experience. Bragg's raw organic apple cider vinegar is delicious. I use it to mix up salad dressing with olive oil and a little seasoning or sometimes just plain.
The side discussion that ensued about the veracity of health food claims and organics vs conventional produce is also very interesting. First of all i must confess that I have no references to site. However, even if I did, that which I may have read, no matter how well referenced, is still only information and not truly knowledge if it did not come as the result of direct experience. (At least, that is what I think.) That being said, I believe there is a good deal of evidence that is mounting that can leads in the direction of concluding that modern style large scale farming that uses GM crops and all the pesticides is having a huge deleterious effect on the well being of wild life, soil health, water purity and that in fact the foods grown that way are less healthy and in my experience taste like nothing, or bad.
I eat almost all Organic veggies fruits and they really do taste better. Even if Pesticides had no bad effect on the foods themselves, the effect they have on the environment is an important consideration also.
lastly, I work at a Health food type store, and I have meet countless people who tell me that some health problem or another of theirs has gotten better because they changed they way they where eating. I understand that the science and understanding, from a fully tested point of view, of the interplay between diet and health is still quite nascent and there is much that is disagreed upon, but the basic ideas have been around for a long time. eat plenty of veggies. drink enough water. get exercise.

anyway. that is my 2 cents. I wonder if there is a thread on here about time travel.