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Feb3-11, 09:20 AM
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It is the word "parsing" that is incorrect: we are just taking the words of an English expression separately, and they do make sense as any separate words do, otherwise dictionaries would be impossible (and the expression meaningless). The word "one" in the referred expression means the number one, since it means the number of elements of a set -- the set with one element -- and if it stops meaning that, then the sentence becomes meaningless.
But what AlephZero defined wasn't an English phrase. The English phrase you want to consider and the technical mathematical term AlephZero referred to are merely homonyms.

Of course, the name was chosen to be suggestive -- the technical term is meant to be logically equivalent to something we might mean by the English phrase.

The technical term doesn't define "set with ____ element(s)" where ___ is replaced by some sort of number. It only defines "set with one element".

English dictionaries are not mathematical reference books.

(moderator's hat on) Anyways, this discussion had been dead for 5 years, is in the wrong section, and the necromancer seems to just want to be contrary, so I don't see any reason to leave the thread open.