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Feb16-11, 08:14 PM
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Is the weak force responsible for all radioactive decay, or just beta? If it is also responsible for alpha and gamma, how does it work? If not, what causes the other two?

(Also, related to this, I know that alpha radiation is two protons and two neutrons being expelled from the nucleus, and that beta is either an electron or a positron being expelled from either a neutron or a proton, respectively (or more aptly, one of their quarks), so what exactly is gamma radiation? It is a high energy photon, but being expelled from where, and by what mechanism?)

How is it that the weak force powers the sun? I've heard this repeated many times but I don't think I've found an explanation for it. If the sun is powered by fusion, where does the weak force come in? I think it's the reason why the sun puts out neutrinos, I remember neutrinos in the Feynman diagrams regarding the weak force, but how exactly does it all work?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance.
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