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Mar11-11, 04:10 PM
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I have only heard of it being used in the past, first at Texas where Moore was I think, and then at a few schools where his own students taught, such as University of Georgia in the 1970's, and maybe Utah, also a long time ago. Such classes seem limited to subjects like point set topology where the subject is very basic and only a few definitions are needed, and there is not much content to cover. Of course it would work with elementary number theory too for the same reasons. But the need to reinvent the wheel makes them move really slowly. The students emerge with a deep grasp of a very few things and a strengthened ability to do proofs. The teacher also gets a sense of which students could do research, but the courses don't cover much content. At least that's my impression. They also require really a lot of work from the students who must be very committed. I am also curious to know if the method is still used.