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Mar25-11, 08:05 AM
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DC motor - Enough torque to rotate load?

First of all thank you for your response..

The gearing comes integrated with the motor. From the motor's datasheet:
Supply Voltage: 6V
Power Rating: 2.1 W
Output Ratio: 50:1
Output Speed: 60rpm
Torque: 0.125Nm (This number includes the gearbox, i.e. it is already increased due to the use of gerbox)

The inertia of the cylinder is around 3.4 * 10^-5 Kg m^2. Moreover, the cylinder will be dipped and rotating in an aqueous solution. And I dont mind about acceleration rate, as long as it is able to get started rotating.

The drive shaft is around 1cm long. The cylinder is ~ 10cm long with a steel shaft put in its middle. How would you fix the one shaft (that of the cylinder) to the rotating one of the motor. I had in mind something like that:
would that work ok? Or would the weight of the cylinder be too much to be supported by this?

Thanks a lot,