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Apr6-11, 12:20 AM
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There's evidence for plants utilizing quantum mechanics for photosynthesis:

The philosophy you're implying is called "panpsychism" and as you can see, it's not a very popular view. But any question of whether other things (animals, plants, weather, rocks) have a subjective experience is not really a biological question at this point. These kinds of discussion take place in the philosophy forums instead.

We have absolutely no idea what's special about our matter/energy configuration that allows us to have subjective experiences. In the philosophy forum, topics like panpsychism come up, but there's also an interest in more tangible approaches, like information theory. You would find more productive answers to your inquiries there (but don't go too fast, quantum consciousness is considered "crackpot" even by most neurophilosophers).
im new to this whole site and i had no idea that there was a philosophy forum. could you locate it for me?