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Jul27-11, 08:38 PM
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Hello all. I am far from a programmer, but have found a lot of use out of a batch file that I found. The file is as follows:
dir /s*.*>dirlist.txt
This file, typed into a notepad file, then saved as a .bat file has worked perfectly on my XP system. I tried to use in in W7, and it just prints to a blank notepad file. Is something different with W7?

I did, through a Google search, find that when renaming the file from .txt to .bat, I had to use uppercase for the .BAT, but that was an easy fix.....

Any suggestions?
I tried the same thing on my C drive and I got an access denied message. I tried the same thing on a different drive and it worked.

I'm guessing you need to change your permissions for the C drive to allow you to do this on that drive. An easy way to check if you can do this is to open the command prompt and type "dir /s *.* > dirstruc.txt" and if you get the denied message, you'll know that you need to change the permissions.