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gear head 460
Aug10-11, 03:26 AM
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if its a time issue, wouldn't the addition of more injectors put the proper fuel mix into the cylinder. or is this because it wouldn't have time to spread the fuel about the area fast enough to mix properly. even using fast spraying high flow injectors. but it that's still the problem. so how about the use of exhaust valves like in the detroit diesels. like the v6 71 run in semi-tractors. but with less stroke. for faster running engines. and less compression for gas or run a higher compression for propane or other high no knock fuels. you would defeat the issue of time to have a good spread of fuel across the cyl. by using a valve train. but going back to having a rpm limit and issues with a 4 stroke. but power would still be in abundance of power. having a power strokes on every return trip to tdc. and with the forced induction system. you can still get a clean cyl. every time too. just calculate the time to clean out the cyl, and pressure flow factors of the forced induction system, then there you go. because a drtroit diesel has the fastest running diesel out there to date. and as you know diesels don't turn up that high in rpm's. but detroits do. over 3800 rpm's, more than a cummings or cat ever thought about.