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Sep4-11, 05:53 AM
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When I said lying, I didn't mean that I was not going to disclose the probation. I meant just mentioning the probation and then saying what I've done to improve since then and not saying anything about how I hadn't cheated. (And well, not boasting or anything, but I've managed to have a very good record in supervised exams and done research as well- i can bank on good recs, at least two).
What I really was trying to ask is, should I actually mention that I was unfairly put on probation, or will that appear to be whiny/ not taking responsibility and count against me? Like, will mentioning the fact that I didn't cheat be worse than saying I did it and saying I've since learnt to be honest etc.?

Also, do I have any chance of being accepted anywhere? Like, I've heard, I might be immediately thrown out from every where. I was thinking places like Maryland, Michigan, Texas. For Mechanical Engineering.