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Oct10-11, 07:51 PM
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Well it's just that always when I hear about technological advances or breaktroughs in science, it all seems to come from stanford,MIT, it's like they are the ones doing all the important work. And also it's probably better for your future to go to a good school. Also this but i do realise that the schools are pretty similar, it's just probably good for your future to have gotten to a famous school.

Altough this thread shows way different results
Technological breakthroughs do not come from undergraduates. I agree that doing your PhD at MIT is probably better than at an unkown university (but even this depends). But on the level of undergraduate degrees, there is absolutely no difference. There is only price.

And that poll is bogus. It's criteria are things like "number of papers published by professors" or "size of classroom". It tells you nothing about educational value or about how good the education really is.

For your future, it matters very little if you go to a famous school or not. You'll only lose a lot of money. (again: for a PhD, the situation is slightly different).