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Oct18-11, 01:40 PM
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Hello Ryan M B. re "That's like saying "I'd rather smash my hand with a hammer in case there is some revolutionary discovery to be gained by it". I agree that such an action would hgo beyond the bounds of sensible behaviour by our current standards.
The standards for science are very good. One person looking at the sun and reporting effects without prior knowledge or expertise does not fulfil them.
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So, you might think it was crazy but what if in doing so I did make an amazing ground breaking discovery. I would be hailed a hero for using myself as the guinea pig.
I disagree, I suspect you would be seen as a lucky fool (no offence intended). Regardless you are ignoring the fact that you are not investigating a new phenomenon, there are mountains of data regarding the sun, optics and the human eye.
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If I felt any danger I would refrain and I will on the basis of your advice but heck, something has changed to make even the most momentary glimpse possible. I spent about one hour looking at it some time ago and like I say, if anything my eyesight has improved. That is an incontrvertable fact.
It isn't incontrovertible because there is no evidence for it (sorry but personal anecdote doesn't count). Honestly, what do you expect to discover from this dangerous activity that wouldn't have been noted by all the research ever done on the topic? This is crazy logic. I don't mean to be offensive and I applaud your curiosity but there are better ways to going about things. Look up the sun, vision and all these other things. Staring into the sun by yourself is nothing knew and you should read up on what is known rather than damaging your eyes for no reason.