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Oct19-11, 06:54 AM
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The exterior SM is a vacuum solution, so there isn't any matter contribution in the exterior SM.
Have you taken a course in "how to be an effective agent provocateur", by any chance? I consider your comments disingenuous. You surely must have read, prior to your above comments in #30 (entry timestamp: 03:30 PM), my own clear statement in #28 (entry timestamp: 12:54 PM)
"I entirely meant shell matter's contribution to the exterior, SM region, and said so explicitly in #25."
You are capable of discerning the fundamental significance of replacing 'in' with 'to' in your above distortion of what I was on about in #25, right?
That transition requires non-zero spatial components of the stress-energy tensor, i.e. stress and pressure. The large contribution of the energy density is in the wrong place to matter for the spatial components of the curvature.
Will have more to say on that claim in responding to your #35