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Oct24-11, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Q-reeus:
"Given that the arrangement considered is static, I'm thinking simultaneity issue is referring to a gravitationally effected c as measuring stick?"

No; I assume PAllen was referring to the fact that surfaces of constant Schwarzschild time, which are surfaces of constant time for static observers (who stay at the same radius r), will not be surfaces of constant time for observers that are not static. For example, observers freely falling towards the black hole will have different surfaces of simultaneity, so "space" will look different to them. I believe I brought up the fact in an earlier post that spatial slices are flat in Painleve coordinates, which is equivalent to saying that observers freely falling into the black hole will *not* see the "non-Euclideanness" of space that observers hovering at a constant radius will.
Interesting point of difference for free-fall, but my query was all about stationary source and observer, which is why non-simultaneity wasn't making sense to me in that context. So a more general comment was being made.