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Nov17-11, 02:14 PM
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P: 519 <---Please see the "Scientific Instrument" section. Below are the instruments listed as active.

Ultraviolet Spectrometer

Designed to measure atmospheric properties, and to measure radiation. More

* Principal investigator: A. Broadfoot / University of Southern California (PDS/PRN website)
* Data: PDS/PRN data catalog

Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer

Designed to investigate the magnetic fields of Jupiter and Saturn, the solar-wind interaction with the magnetospheres of these planets, and the interplanetary magnetic field out to the solar wind boundary with the interstellar magnetic field and beyond, if crossed. More

* Principal investigator: Norman Ness / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (website)
* Data: PDS/PPI data catalog, NSSDC data archive

Low Energy Charged Particle Instrument

Measures the differential in energy fluxes and angular distributions of ions, electrons and the differential in energy ion composition. More

* Principal investigator: Stamatios Krimigis / JHU/APL / University of Maryland (JHU/APL website / UMD website / KU website)
* Data: UMD data plotting, PDS/PPI data catalog, NSSDC data archive

Cosmic Ray System

Determines the origin and acceleration process, life history, and dynamic contribution of interstellar cosmic rays, the nucleosynthesis of elements in cosmic-ray sources, the behavior of cosmic rays in the interplanetary medium, and the trapped planetary energetic-particle environment. More

* Principal investigator: Edward Stone / CalTech / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (website)
* Data: PDS/PPI data catalog, NSSDC data archive

Plasma Wave System

Provides continuous, sheath-independent measurements of the electron-density profiles at Jupiter and Saturn as well as basic information on local wave-particle interaction, useful in studying the magnetospheres. More

* Principal investigator: Donald Gurnett / University of Iowa (website)
* Data: PDS/PPI data catalog

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