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Dec6-11, 01:48 PM
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I will keep this short, over a fairly long time period I have been having nausea that has grown in frequency and intensity over time. Pain accompanies this, not debilitating but enough to get your attention and interrupt normal life and lately has been much worse.

CT scan shows a nine millimeter stone lodged in my right kidney. That is .35 inches. To give you some idea of how big that is check out this photo:

The worry and anxiety over what is wrong is over. The next step is to remove it as painlessly as possible. I know PF rules forbid medical advice and for good reason. What I would like to know (Jimmy Snyder comes to mind because I know you have had a number of kidney stones over the years) is what procedure did you decide on. What did you experience for pain, time to recover, etc... Lastly, if you had to do it again, would you choose the same procedure, or something that has come along that is better ?

I will see urologist tomorrow to discuss what he recommends. It will be nice to feel healthy for a change. Thank God it wasn't something much worse. Not knowing what is wrong with you is not a good feeling, and in my case for such a long time, which I am sure many here have experienced first hand.

Check out this video. The stone is like a dancing fool in the body, but not for long. Here is another video, youtube this time showing the whole setup.

Another very good video, watch it break up the peppermint candy.

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