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Dec13-11, 05:49 PM
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There is nothing worse in life (short of cancer) than chronic debilitating pain, well maybe a kidney stone or two, but there is a fairly short beginning and end chapter to those. Did you do research and give the pain specialists at Lahey Clinic a look in the PM I sent you ? They may have someone in your area that do the same procedures.

I really feel for you, Evo, I wish there was something I could offer or do to give you a few hours of relief. Getting addicted to pain killers is terrible. My father in law was before he passed and was drinking a large amount of wine (secretly) to control the pain before he passed. We found dozens of collapsed one gallon wine boxes hidden all over the place when cleaning out the house.

Keep your chin up, you are in my thoughts every day that you are in pain.

Thanks. my fear of gaining a tolerance to pain pills (I'm not the addictive type) limits my intake of pain killers to less than a half pill per day. A bottle of forty 10/650 percoset has been known to last me 11 months. I'm taking at least a half pill a day now since my doctor told me that the stress from the pain was more damaging than taking the pills and to TAKE THEM AND STOP SUFFERING SO MUCH.