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Dec13-11, 06:13 PM
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Thanks. my fear of gaining a tolerance to pain pills (I'm not the addictive type) limits my intake of pain killers to less than a half pill per day. A bottle of forty 10/650 percoset has been known to last me 11 months. I'm taking at least a half pill a day now since my doctor told me that the stress from the pain was more damaging than taking the pills and to TAKE THEM AND STOP SUFFERING SO MUCH.
Yep, been there. After gall bladder removal a few months ago, those six little holes and the bloating pain were enough to keep me from sleeping so I took what they gave me on day two after surgery, they barely took the edge off, so I just toughed it out. To be honest in about a week, the pain was manageable. I hate pills too, and only use them when I lose sleep for extended periods or am in serious agony from kidney stones. There is no choice in the matter when that happens unfortunately.