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Dec14-11, 04:32 PM
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Ok, here's what I got on my copy of the MRI findings.

L1-L2 demonstrates mild disc bulge. This effaces the interior thecal sac.

L2-L3 demonstrates mild disc bulging and mild hypertrophy of the facet joints. The disc bulging effaces the interior thecal sac and causes left-sided neural foraminal narrowing.

L3-L4 demonstrates a diffuse disc bulge. There is advanced hypertrophic degenerative facet disease and ligamentum flavum thickening. There is mild grade 1 anterolisthesis. There is mild unilatertal and symmetric neural foraminal narrowing.

L4-L5 demonstrates a diffuse disc bulge. There is advanced bilateral degenerative facet disease. The findings efface the anterior thecal sac. There is mild grade 1 anterolisthesis.

L5-S1 demonstrates mild disc bulging which is paracentric to the right. There is marked right-sided degenerative facet disease with intraspinal spurring.the findings cause moderate right-sided neural foraminal narrowing with effacement of the undersurface of the exiting L5 nerve root.

fatty atrophy of the erector spinae musculature

bone marrow signal intensity is mottled, but within acceptable limits

multilevel lumbar spondylosis

I was also previously advised that I had degeneration where my sacroiliac joined my pelvic bones?