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Dec19-11, 04:39 PM
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Then my stipulation of a minimal |E|*|l| ~ 104v/ combined with a minimum vp pair gamma seen in source rest frame yielding source E -> Ecrit in vp rest frame, as per #318, #338, #356, is incomprehensible?
Until you can give an actual unambiguous definition of what the "vp rest frame" is, yes. There are an infinite number of "vp rest frames". Which one are you talking about?

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Too bad though, I'd still love to know how you would explain your position re that rotating setup of #318 - I think this is the 4th time I've asked.
And it isn't the 4th time I've answered, but I have answered: one scenario at a time. Trying to tackle your rotating setup when we don't even have common ground on the scenario with a simple capacitor would be like trying to tackle calculus when we don't have agreement on simple arithmetic.