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Dec19-11, 08:32 PM
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Linux Package to Simulate Mechanical Systems

You'll see there is an offshoot specialized to simulate munitions.

Whenever someone says "there are no good free/libre-software CAD systems" this is my goto model. The objections then tend to center around the lack of a GUI because what they really mean is that their personal favorite CAD system is not free software.

CGS modelling is a computational convenience from it's original purpose in modelling munitions.
The military application is central to the development - lots of the libs will be irrelevant to designing and analyzing an engine.

But if you want details, I'm afraid you'll have to ask the devs.
There is a lot of info on the site and tutorials around the place.
It is a very long time since I've used anything like it, so I'm sure it is quite different now.

If you have Ubuntu or derivatives, there is always:
sudo apt-get install varkon*

From the package description:

VARKON is a high level development tool for applications in the
area of Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Product Modelling.

VARKON can be used as a traditional CAD-system with drafting,
modelling and visualisation if you want to but the real power of
VARKON is in parametric modelling and CAD applications development.
VARKON includes interactive parametric modelling in 2D or 3D but also
the unique MBS programming language integrated in the graphical

There's actually quite a few - search for CAD in synaptic.
Most are specialized - like architecture or sailmaking. Nature of Open Source dev.

I've never had to model more than the shape of something so I have no experience using CAD packages for analysis.