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Dec20-11, 04:23 AM
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Q-reeus: "Then my stipulation of a minimal |E|*|l| ~ 104v/ combined with a minimum vp pair gamma seen in source rest frame yielding source E -> Ecrit in vp rest frame, as per #318, #338, #356, is incomprehensible?"

Until you can give an actual unambiguous definition of what the "vp rest frame" is, yes. There are an infinite number of "vp rest frames". Which one are you talking about?
Hard to believe you are not perfectly cognizant by now of my argument. Willing though to run through it all again, explicitly dealing with above. But first there are two issues.

1: I have shown your reductio ad absurdum claims of #321 and #352 were wrong, but there has been no concession from you. That makes it difficult to continue any discussion. Either explicitly prove my rebuttal in #338 (elaborated slightly in #356) wrong, or concede. Not a throwaway issue for me.
2: Focus has now moved afar of OP's topic, and rightly to continue a new thread should be opened - properly citing this one as background reference.

Your choice on these two matters.