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Dec23-11, 02:35 AM
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A bit off topic perhaps, but I mush share my joy with you - I manage to run Skyrim on my computer, which is pretty old - it's a 3.0 GHz Prescott CPU with a Radeon HD 4670 graphics card and 2 Gb of RAM. Of course, I play on low settings, but I adore the Elder Scrolls saga, so graphics isn't really an issue. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic.
Have you tried taking the settings up a notch? I thought I could just play on low but as it turns out, I can play on high (with some stuff on medium) without any significant drops in performance. According to this, you should be able to play on medium/high as well. :)

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Physics engine has its quirks.
Indeed. Can't say I've encountered the "object bug" before, though. My main gripe is with mountain climbing. It's weird enough that the character can run up them but then it gets annoying, because at times you can't move through certain parts and you have to move to the side and then forward again. Rinse-repeat till destination is reached.

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My character's name is "blabla", since I was too excited to think of a decent name when I first played, now I'm level 26 and too lazy to start all over again.
Press the '~' button, type in 'player.showracemenu'. Save before doing this though, as this will probably have certain implications, some of which you may not be too happy about. (stuff like resetting perks or something of that nature)


For those running the game with 2+GB RAM, there is a patch here which might interest you.

If anyone's interested in increasing their archery skill to 50 with relative ease (i.e, without taking cover and shooting giants), there is this dude in Riverwood, who has a crush on some woman. If you hand a the "fake letter" to the girl, he'll become your follower. Now, this guy can teach you archery to level 50. As with all followers, you can change items with them, including money. What you can do is level the skill up, take your money back and repeat till you're level 50.

To increase the smithing skill, which is essential to make some of the high-end armors, making daggers (iron are the most common, no?) is a good way to go.
(found both "tips" on another forum)

My armor skills are quite low. I can't think of any other way to increase it than to let me be hit by some weak enemies...


I haven't been playing Skyrim too much this month, as I've been busy with other things, including the new Trine and Fifa! As a sidenote, I've been quite disappointed with Pro Evolution Soccer for the past few years. Fifa 12 is the first football game I'm playing since PES6, which I played regularly for ~5 years or so.

Anyway, my character is a Redguard called Caleb (couldn't think of a cool name; stole this one from a book I liked), is level 18-ish and is a battle mage of sorts. Uses light armor, single-handed weapons and destruction spells. Obviously, I'm still unsure as to what kind of character I want...

I'm getting a new mouse and controller tomorrow. :D