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Jan10-12, 12:06 AM
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Obama on the left, simply because he's way better than everyone on the right with the possible exception of Huntsman. On the right, definitely Huntsman.
I want to like Huntsman. But he seems sort of 'robotic' to me. Not sure if that's the right word. Bottom line, I don't like any of the GOP candidates, and I don't particularly like Obama either -- primarily because of what he hasn't done but could have done, imho. That said, of all the candidates, GOP and Obama, I like Obama's personality the best, and I think that, while he's something of a tool of corporate America as all presidents must be, he might actually do some good stuff if elected to a second term. On the other hand, wrt the current GOP candidates, there's, imho, much to fear. The most normal-seeming of the bunch, Romney, still comes across as a pro-corporation, pro-status quo guy with no particular vision for improving the lives of average Americans. In fact, I get the impression that he couldn't care less about average Americans.

I say, let's elect Obama to a second term and give him a chance to do some good stuff. If he doesn't, if he proves to be just a tool of the status quo, then we'll be no worse off than if we elected one of the GOP candidates.