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Jan16-12, 10:37 PM
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It should be highly stressed that what is presented in popular science accounts (Brian Greene or what have you) is a series of vague pictures and analogies intended to convey EXCITEMENT, not understanding. String theory is a deeply mathematical theory and any intuition you might have about a CGI image of a vibrating string will be completely incorrect. There are no "strings" in string theory, at least in any way that you can have an intuition about from every day life. I know very little about string theory, however, my understanding is that the central mathematical extension to the standard model is instead of taking particles to be infinitely small 0-dimensional point one instead attaches a single degree of freedom to them, this degree of freedom is the "string". It's not actually a "thing" like a real string, it's just colorful language (and CGI artists looking for a *wow* special effect with no understanding), the "string" is essentially an additional freedom of motion/physics attached to each point in the universe.