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Jan31-12, 01:05 PM
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But what i cant understand is that in what form this thoughts exist in the universe?
I mean Materials have mass and energy and the universe which we perceive with our eyes are full of materials... But the universe which we perceive with our mind are so non-materialistic....

For instance, take any material, it is composed of many atoms...
Energy radiation, composed of photons....
But our thoughts are made of what?

Yeah surely you can argue that it is a result of atomic interpretation within our mind that creates the illusion of reality within our head...
But my question is how the interaction of some atoms with other atoms would make a make believe world in itself?

The current physics' theories on the atomic level interactions doesnt even come close to explain this phenomenon, do they?
Look up the hard problem of consciousness, emergence and qualia for the current scientific and philosophical takes on the issue. Also note that as far as we are aware it is the actions of neural networks that give rise to consciousness (see NCC) not the atoms in the brain themselves.
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Have you guys heard of the dual universe theory of plato?
About the material and the non-material universe?
Any suggestion of a "non-material universe" is simply a supernatural/religious claim and therefore has no explanatory power.