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Feb2-12, 10:45 AM
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OK we seem to be talking about blood, plasma, or an infusion flow.

We seem to be measuring in a tube or vessel external to the body.

The requirement is a change of 0.1 in 100.

Now one issue is that the pressure will vary within a flow from point to point acrss its cross section. The output from a blood pressure monitor is an average across the whole.

I am not a medical physicist, there are some here at PF who might usefully contribute to this.

I wonder if a diaphragm pressure cell, perhaps with piezoelectric transducers might be the way to go? These can be very sensitive, easily within your range.

What is your discipline by the way?
The problem is I don't have much experience in biomedical field either. I'm studying computer engineering, and with a focus on programming. But this was the only project available left.

So far I'm glad you have given me many options to ponder and think, even if I'm out of luck as having any more help in this. You've done more than enough to help me so far, so thank you!

I will try and search for the solutions you guys have proposed so far. And I will ask the questions you've given me to my prof.