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Feb12-12, 11:31 PM
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If so, these regions would not be "other" universes, they would be part of the universe, which by definition, contains all there is. If you are asking are there possibly regions of the universe that have different laws of physics than our region, I don't know that such a concept can be conclusively ruled out, but it seems unlikely and there is NO reason to think it to be so.
I see I made an error asking my question. Sorry for the confusion. If our observable universe lies within an unobservable universe, and the unobservable universe is truly infinite, then is it possible other universes which began with Big Bangs as it is thought ours did also exist somewhere in the unobservable universe?

I see I am having problems with using the correct terms. Let's see...if the unobservable universe could be called the Grand Universe, and our own observable universe could be called a Pocket Universe which lies within the Grand Universe, could there be other Pocket Universes within the Grand Universe?